The movement of the watch balance wheel is abnormal, and there is a “sand” sound when running. What is the reason?

The following reasons may cause the “sand” sound of the balance wheel: the pendulum tenon is rough, worn, or bent; the upper and lower pendulum drills are not clean or broken; the double disc is not round, and it rubs against the rubbing nail at a certain angle when it rotates; If the dual discs are low, wipe the main splint or the shockproof seat; the disc nails are broken, loose or improperly installed; the inner pile is too high, or the top is stained with dirt, wipe the pendulum splint, etc.

What is the reason for the weak trend of the watch balance wheel?

If the watch movement is cleaned of oil or improperly refueled, it will prevent the balance wheel from moving weakly, so pay attention to maintaining the action.

Why the swing of the balance wheel is small, there is a missing foot, and the sound of the beat is uneven?

This happens to the watch’s balance wheel because the hairspring’s inner pile is loose or the position is wrong.

Why the swing of the balance wheel becomes smaller, and the beat faster than normal?

Because the hairspring is not flat, there will be waves when stretching; rubbing the pendulum splint, wiping the pendulum beam or the center wheel; rubbing the upper and lower layers of the frame-picking hairspring;

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